‘BOLD The Collection’

‘BOLD The Collection’

‘BOLD The Collection’ Launching Sunday 29th May

Beautifully simple, perfectly Bold

I’m so excited to be launching this collection, I’ve had this collection planned for what seems like a lifetime ago! (In reality its been a few months)

I wanted this collection be all about shapes, bold and beautiful shapes, I’ve created pieces that focus heavily on beautiful abstract shapes with pops of colour. 

Colour inspo! Now I’m a massive lover of earth colours, but for this collection i wanted to include some bolder colours that can be worn through spring/summer and all the way through to the winter months. I had to sneak in some blues and greens and i cant not! 

I wanted these pieces to make a statement, so you’ll find some larger pieces in the collection, because why not? I think larger earrings can be quite scary sometimes but for me that can really make an outfit without being too over the top. And don’t forget, polymer clay is extremely lightweight, so the larger pieces can be worn without the worry of them pulling down on your ears or feeling heavy to wear.

But, for those of you like love a smaller stud, the mini stackers have been created for you! Again, these are still statement studs, without being too over the top! These are probably some of my favourites, there super fun to wear but they have the pop of colour that can really be dressed down or up! Again I’ve focused heavily on the shape! 

Beautifully simple, perfectly Bold is really what this collection is all about, when you look closely at the pieces they are in fact simple, the focus is on the shapes and colours as supposed to textures, intricate design and busy patterns. However, they are beautifully Bold! 



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