Love Wins - The Valentines Collection

Love Wins - The Valentines Collection

Love Wins - The valentines collection.

Hello you lovely lot, i wanted to document my thought process with this collection, i knew at the back end of last year that i wanted to design a collection that was fun, bright and had a lovely meaning. 2020-2021 has proved to be so difficult for so many people, in so many ways. I wanted this collection to celebrate a new year, leaving the past few years behind. I’ll be honest I’ve never been one for celebrating valentines (in my personal life) but as i began to explore valentines i realised that celebrating love isn’t specific to a certain day or a certain person. Love is extremely personal, its the foundation of things (or people) that bring us joy and happiness. 

I wanted this collection to encompass all of those things that brings us love, whether it be a friendship, acts of self love, relationships or simply those little things that we do for ourselves or for someone else that gives us those feelings of love. 

Love Wins, the name wasn’t planned, it came to me during my creative process, i sort of had a lightbulb moment, and i thought surely with all the bad things that go on in the world, all the negative things we read and see, love surely wins right? If everyone in the world shared a little more love and kindness the world would be a much happier place. 

So the collection, its very heart focused, its the symbol of love and i had so much fun creating something different, these pieces have been made with love (i have absolutely loved creating this collection) designed and created with love at the heart of it all, whether your buying for yourself (self-love) or buying for a friend or loved one, i hope each piece will bring a little bit of joy and happiness. 

I roped in a friend to help me with this collection (The lovely model you will see wearing the new pieces throughout the website) As we were photographing this collection, we put the world to rights, shared ideas and laughed a lot, to me this is love, those special moments with friends, family and time spent on something that you love, that’s what its all about. I wanted the photos to be very raw and unedited, to portray joy and friendship.  

With each purchase you will have the option to add a note (either to yourself or someone your gifting for) to continue sharing the love.

If you have got this far, thankyou so much for reading, i hope you all enjoy the collection as much as i have LOVED creating it for you all.

Remember, love always wins, find those things that bring you love and joy and pass it forward.

WildPeak Clay

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